July 28, 2009

Like Beyonce said, "If you like it..."

"...you should have put a ring on it!" Oh wait he did! : ) Not only am I lucky enough to have such a great engagement ring but now I also have a beautiful wedding band that complements it. Like I previously stated here my journey for the perfect wedding band has been a long one. I wanted to get something that would match with my engagement ring but at a reasonable price. The problem is that platinum is pretty expensive and I'm pretty picky. By now you must know how much I love the Garment District, well since I was in the neighborhood I stopped by at the Jewelry District. They had a great selection for wedding bands but I was still not satisfied with the choices.

Now that you realize how many different places I have looked for my wedding band here it is without further delay I chose my wedding band from Blue Nile. I am completely happy with my purchase and more importantly with the price. Using our Amex we saved 10% and we received free shipping.

Here is how it arrived:

Here is the wedding band by itself on some roses my HBoO gave me.

Here is both my wedding band and my engagement ring together.

Here is another shot. I wish I could take a picture that would demonstrate how shinny both really are.

Okay since I can't take a professional picture here is my wedding band. Oh and yes it really does look this good in person.

I love my rings and I can't wait to wear them for the rest of my life. Are you absolutely in love with your rings? How was the process for you?
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