August 5, 2010

Sweets: Cake Balls, Bites or Pops?

My latest obsession has been with Bakerella and the fabulous creations she makes.  I began to stalking her blog last year but I hadn't dared to make any of her wonderful looking cake balls or bites or pops until now.   Like I previously mentioned here I wanted to make something special for my cousin's baby shower and I decided to give these cake balls a try.

Red Velvet Cake Balls Adapted from here:
What you need:

1 Red Velvet cake box mix (Say it aint so, but alas I just couldn't find myself baking a cake and then destroying it for this experiment.) 
1 Can of Cream Cheese Frosting (Yep I'm talking about the pre-made stuff here too.)

1. Bake the cake as directed
2. Wait for the cake to cool and then crumble cake completely into a large bowl
3.  Add 1 can of cream cheese frosting to cake mixture (Don't be afraid to use your hands.  Trust me its lots of fun but sticky.)

4. Use your fingers or a melon scooper to form little balls. (I rolled them by hand.)
5. Chill them for several hours (I did them overnight and the next day they were ready to roll in chocolate.)

6. Melt the chocolate according to the package directions. (If you are using real chocolate make sure you temper it correctly otherwise it won't set right.) 
7. Once you are ready to dip the balls in chocolate I suggest you use either a toothpick or a spoon to do it. (If the cake balls are not cold enough you will have issues with the crumbs that come off them.)
8. Place the rolled chocolate covered balls carefully onto wax or parchment paper to finish setting. (Don't put them in the refrigerator because condensation will mess them up and won't allow them to set completely.)

The coolest thing about this recipe is that you can get as creative as you would like.   You can use different cake mixes and frostings to create all kinds of interesting flavors.

Since presentation is everything I decided to drizzle chocolate over them before they were cooled to add a little pizazz.

So, what should these creations be known as? Cake balls? Cake bites? Cake Pops?
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