July 9, 2012

Life: Finding motivation

Looks like I finally found the motivation I needed to start a new career. Sometimes I'm a tad slow but I eventually get there. I'll keep you guys posted as things continue to develop but as right now things are slowly rolling out.  We're currently working on a new photo website, developing my portfolio, and setting up all the business aspects of it. The anal retentive person inside me loves working out all the small details this new venture is going to bring on. 

Thanks to the hubby for pushing me to finally take the risk and pursue what I really love to do, photography.  I would also like to thank my outrageous BFF for continuously believing in my abilities.

Yep, that's right as long as I could remember I've always had a camera in hand capturing life's special moments and now it's time for me to capture yours.  Please stay tuned as I release more details later on this year. 

Watch out world I'm about to start my own photography business!! I'm super excited about what the future will bring and can't wait to begin my transformation as a business owner. 

Update: I've decided to take things slow to enjoy my baby and also to hone my skills before I take the leap.  

1 comment:

Christian said...

Dear BFF, You'will always have my support for anything and everything.
You're the best.

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