June 26, 2009

Becoming a Tech Savy Bride...

As soon as the wedding planning began I knew I wanted to have a wedding website but I was stunned at all the different ones available out there. Since I'm pretty frugal I decided to set up a free one. My FI wants one that is not too expensive and where we can get our names as our domain but he hasn't had time to set it up and since I like to get things done I went ahead and set ours up. These are a some of the ones I found in my search:

The Knot

Wedding Tracker


Our Wedding Day

Project Wedding

The one I decided to go with is Weddingwire and I love it!

Okay so let me admit if I haven't previously done so my FI is a software engineer so he could easily set up a site write the code and make it fabulous but since work is keeping him so busy lately I had to do it myself. I love our wedding website because it keeps be very organized. Just to let you guys know he is actually very impressed with the tools that you are able to use. Since I got the thumps up from my FI it made me very happy.

Are you using a wedding website? If so which one?


Christian said...

wait..so where's the link to your website?

yes, I will be using a wedding website.
you can check it out at


LOL :-)

qasia said...

We're using weddingwire too. I love my website (and spent far too long on it)!

Alicia said...

I don't know which one we'll be using yet! It's nice to know there are so many options though!

Newlywed Next Door said...

If found you via wedding bee. Do you live in Long Beach?

Sweet Tooth said...

Hi Newlywed Next Door,
I do live in Long Beach.

{ Joy } at Wedding Planning with Joy said...

I wish I would have run into all this websites long before, I'm designing and coding mine but every time I run into a new feature I want it!!

Kim said...

I am using MyWedding.com and I love it! They had so many cute themes and one that goes perfectly with my colors. I bought a URL so it makes it simpler to put on save the dates and what not. GoDaddy is pretty cheap if anyone is interested! www.kim-and-eric.com is my site! :)

Sweet Tooth said...

I love your engagement pictures. Too cute.

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