July 10, 2009

Candles + Ribbon = Bar decor

As I've mentioned here before we are having our reception at The Cheesecake Factory . Since we are not having a florist and we are decorating the place ourselves I've been looking around for ideas online and I discovered a wedding that was also held there. This is the bar view and I love the idea of candles and pedals so much that I'm going steal it and add a twist to it.

A couple of months ago my HBoO and I went into Big Lots as they were having a sale. I saw that they had some votive candles that I might be able to use in some aspect of the wedding. I wasn't sure exactly how they would be used but I bought them regardless of it. I couldn't pass up a sale and for about $10 I bought 48 candles.

I wanted to add a tad more color to these plain white candles and so I added some ribbon that I've used in other wedding DIY things.

I will also be using orange pedals (well at least that's the plan) on the bar along with these candles.

What do you think of my white candles?

1 comment:

{ Joy } at Wedding Planning with Joy said...

I think that's the perfect color touch for your candles, it's going to look great with the pedals!!

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