July 13, 2009

Dressing up the Bouquets...

If I haven't mentioned it before there is a Big Lots a couple of blocks away from our house and every so often I stop in to see if they have anything I can use for the wedding. The other day I walked in to find the Martha Stewart Celebrate collection there. Wow. I was completely floored to find so many wedding things there. I ended up buying 6 Dove Bouquet wrappers one for each of my bridesmaids and one for me.

For $2 a piece this is what I got:

The only problem is that it didn't really match my wedding colors so I had to jazz it up a tad. I hot glued the orange and aqua ribbon to it in the back and I don't plan on using the silver rings but pearl bobby pins instead.

Once I do a trial one I will post some pictures but what do you think of my find?

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1 comment:

Nicole R.J. said...

Pretty! I love how you're adding your own ribbon/colours on - gives it a real pop!

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