July 26, 2009

One more thing off the list!!

I'm so happy that I've finished yet another project. Our church told us that flower girls could not drop pedals in aisle as they walked in. I was trying to come up with an alternative because I still wanted the girls to carry baskets. I bought the baskets last week at the Garment District which I have spoken about here.

This is a picture of one of the baskets I bought for $7.

I saw a similar basket at Michaels for $15.99 and that is why I love going to the Garment District. When I went they had cheaper baskets for $4 but I bought the cutter ones.

I headed over to Michaels since they are having their Dollar Days Sale to buy some artificial flowers because I won't have time to add real flowers the day of the wedding. I ended up spending about $10 on all these flowers.

I also purchased some foam to keep things together and hoping that the girls won't move it.

I ended up spending about $24 for both baskets completed. I ended up not using the white flowers so I will be returning them to the store.

Our your flower girls going to throw flower pedals before you walk in? What do you think of my flower baskets?


unlawful ZOMBIE said...

mine are not...
they'll be throwing hundred dollar bills!!
what do i think?
i think they're cute.

TheRoddyBride said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a wonderful job shopping and putting together!

{ Joy } at Wedding Planning with Joy said...

your baskets turn out amazingly cute! I loved the colors, I really liked the price too :) I would love to know what's the Garment District? is that a store or a place? Sorry about the question but I had to ask ;)

Sweet Tooth said...

Hi Joy...

You can click on the here link in this post or you can visit their site.


If you are ever in LA you need to check it out. The best part is that you can negotiate prices with them.

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