March 11, 2010

Life: How to deal with stress?

When I was planning the wedding I felt little stress (well at least that's what I told myself) but then again remember this.  On our wedding day I was unbelievably calm and stress free because I was determined that I wanted to enjoy our wedding.  I have finals this week and I'm beginning to get that strange feeling that usually crawls up my stomach as finals begin to approach.  I begin with telling myself that nothing good can come from stress but that just stresses me out more.  This time around I've attempting to exercise my stress away but so far it isn't working.  The only time I feel stress out like this in regards to schoolwork.  When I used to work I usually never felt stressed.   

So my question to you guys is how on earth do you deal with stress?   


Steph said...

I either shop or eat a Hershey's w/almonds. Not the best options, but you asked :D

Sweet Tooth said...

Lol. That's what my best friend does. She loves chocolate but can't have the almonds.

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