March 26, 2011

My attempt at a Disney/Pixar Car's Cake

Without further ado here is my first attempt at a themed cake.  I am really pleased with how it turned out and more importantly the birthday boy loved it.  I completely forgot to take a better photo of the cake once it was assembled since I was rushing to make cupcakes right before we left.  Next time I'll take the time to put more effort into my photos. 

It took me a couple of days to construct the whole thing.  Like I previously stated I used buttercream instead of fondant since I haven't learned how to work with it yet.

1. I baked a White Cake 
2. I leveled my cake and placed it on a simple board
3. I iced the inside with a Whipped Cream Frosting
4. I used a crumb coating

Then I baked a Ghirardelli Chocolate Cake which ended up sinking in but still turned out delicious.  Oops, I guess I opened the oven a tad too much.  I didn't get discouraged though since I ended up torting the cake.  I repeated what I did to the first layer but this time I used chocolate buttercream icing.  Once the crumb coat was set then I used wooden dowels to hold the layers in place. I frosted the entire cake with a teal buttercream icing

Once everything was set I sketched out a plan of attack and preceded to kinda follow it.  Since I didn't take any photos of that process I just have to say that the road around the bottom layer was made of crumbled up Oreos.   I made the flags on the top of the cake out of paper and toothpicks.  I bought the plastic cars at my local Target since I ran out of time to make my own.  I wanted to make these adorable cupcakes but I opted to make ones that matched my cake instead.

I loved taking on this project and can't wait to take more theme cakes on. 

Oops, someone banged the cake against a dish and smashed part of it. I know the cake is not perfect but give me a break I'm an amateur and it was my first attempt after all.  Anyways I hope you enjoyed my cake.

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